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So you want to know about me? If so, I'm surprised and humbled. There are so many people you could bump into on the vast expanse of the internet, yet here you are reading MY words. I am one who was fooled by the system into getting a college education only to find out I would have been happier without it. And after realizing this, I returned to it like a dog to its vomit. Thus, I find myself pining after my childhood dream of being a writer while sitting on a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and attending to a Master's degree. You know how the saying goes: "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Joking aside, I like what I do, but I still want to write and eventually publish my work. I see no reason why I cannot do both.

2 thoughts on “Scouts”

  1. Hello. Tengo 35 años y me encuentro estudiando inglés desde hace 2 años.
    El post me ha parecido estupendo para la
    memorización del idioma inglés. Me ha sido
    muy servicial. Lo voy a añadir a mis favoritos.
    Te doy las gracias por el texto.


    1. Hola! I do not speak Spanish, but I have a friend who does who translated for me. Since you mentioned you’re trying to learn English, I decided to respond in English (and not just because that’s what I know!). Out of curiosity, what about this post did you find useful for your studies? I am humbled and honored that anything of mine would be used for learning, but I am confused as to how one of my ink sketches would be useful for learning a language. Perhaps it was my “about me” blurb at the end or a different post? Also out of curiosity, are you attending the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria?

      Gracias por el comentario! Buena suerte con tus estudios.


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