Busy Bee

Hello there, Reader. I’ve been gone a while, haven’t I. I meant to write a post a long time ago, but, well, you know the story. Time eludes us all. I moved out of Alaska for a job, and so I’ve been busy with all that entails. The job is intense and requires a lot of hours. That said, a lot of those hours are spent waiting, at least for me, so here we are.

Everything I do for fun has taken a hit from my new situation; all I seem to do these days is work and watch Netflix. But as I settle in, I should have more mental endurance to do the things I enjoy that take a little more energy than laying around like a beached whale. And one of those things is writing.

I had a bigger vision of this blog when I first started it. I thought I would make it different than those that came before. Do research, provide excellent content, limit my rambling stream of consciousness style. Obviously didn’t happen.

Oh, well. ‘Til next time.