I created Fain to List so that I could have a place for me to produce the things I wanted to write about, starting with my fun exercise in writing the adventures of my character in a Pathfinder campaign I played with some friends a while back. I’ve always dreamed of someday becoming an author, and with self-publishing on the rise, that seems to be more easily attainable. But publishing is only one hurdle one faces in the obstacle course that is earning a living as an author. Or at least I assume so, since I haven’t actually done it. And so I hope to have samples of my work, be they silly or half-serious, so that when the time comes I might be stretched and warmed up, ready to hit the ground running.

We’ll see.

“Why Fain to List?” you might ask. I read the phrase in Robert Lee Frost’s poem “My November Guest,” and if you’re into that sort of thing, I recommend you read it, too. It’s short and bittersweet, just how I like ’em. Fain is simply an old way of saying happy or willing and list here is short for listen. Together, Fain to List is Willing to Listen. It is my hope that you are willing to listen, yes, but more accurately¬†I am willing to listen. Happy to listen. Fain to List.