Busy Bee

Hello there, Reader. I’ve been gone a while, haven’t I. I meant to write a post a long time ago, but, well, you know the story. Time eludes us all. I moved out of Alaska for a job, and so I’ve been busy with all that entails. The job is intense and requires a lot of hours. That said, a lot of those hours are spent waiting, at least for me, so here we are.

Everything I do for fun has taken a hit from my new situation; all I seem to do these days is work and watch Netflix. But as I settle in, I should have more mental endurance to do the things I enjoy that take a little more energy than laying around like a beached whale. And one of those things is writing.

I had a bigger vision of this blog when I first started it. I thought I would make it different than those that came before. Do research, provide excellent content, limit my rambling stream of consciousness style. Obviously didn’t happen.

Oh, well. ‘Til next time.


Sup, peeps! Just thought I’d let you know I’m not dead yet. I’ve been hard at work or hardly working the past what feels like forever but was actually just a couple of months. I will likely need another semester to wrap this degree up, and so you get to hear me bitch about it more. I’ve got some entries in the works, but I’ve been stressed over trying to finish my paper by the end of the semester and so I haven’t worked on much else. Now that that is probably screwed over, I may take some time to do my side bullshit. Time will tell. In the meantime, here’s a ferret and a cat.


For those of you who may actually be interested in the various topics of which I’ve been writing, I apologize that I haven’t produced much of anything lately. I have recently started on a new writing project in my spare time during which I would normally be writing for this blog. Additionally, I’ve been concerned with moving to a new apartment, working on my Master’s project, and the new semester starting. You may hear even less of me, but I do plan on continuing my work on Shadowbreeze. I hope to have an update on my writing project, but I can’t say much at the moment and I wouldn’t want to spoil anything. 😉

Be assured, I haven’t forgotten you.